05th Jul 2015
Welcome to Israel

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem ATM Locations

I’ve had a negative experience while trying to locate a “Bank ATM” as the Old City in Jerusalem is filled with private ATMs with fees of 3-10%, or Money Exchanges...

18th Oct 2014
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Out & About; Muscat

We drove past this mini pigeon hang-out near our hotel many times; Beaches The beach area near US Embassy and Grand Hyatt is inaccessible unless you are a guest at the...

01st Oct 2014
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Muscat Adventure Starts

Deciding where to stay in Muscat, especially if you’re going to be exploring the city is a challenge. Previously, we had stayed overnight in Western area to springboard on our...

17th Jun 2014
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Jibreen Castle

Having missed out on Bahla Fort and to make up for it, we decided to head for Jibreen Castle, located in Jibrin town in Welayat Bahla. It is set in a beautiful...

22nd May 2014
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Traditional Nizwa & Bahla

In our circular trip, the last stop was around Nizwa area before we head back to Muscat. Breakfast was to be on the go, so not finding a cafe, we...

22nd May 2014

Sur Mosque, Wadi Bani Khalid and how to Explore Wahibia sands

We had breakfast at another South Indian restaurant called Sur Beach Restaurant which was lovely. It’s ways nice to have a private “family room” whenever I dine at these restaurants. We ordered...

21st May 2014

The Best Places in Oman – Coastal Route – Bimmah Sinkhole & Fins

Cost: Summarising the costs from the previous post about arriving into Muscat International Airport, Oman is probably off the radar for most adventurers and travellers. Other nearby cities such as...

19th May 2014
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Muscat International Airport Checklist

Budget Options for flying around the Middle East are limited, especially if you’re going to places that are not well on the tourist track. The flight from Amman (Jordan) to...

30th Jan 2014
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Saving Money at Sentosa and Night Safari Attractions in Singapore

When visiting Singapore you’ll run into a lot of agents and hotels that will sell tickets for a small discount off the retail price that you’ll get at the ticket...

26th Jan 2014
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Escape from Patong

Arriving in Patong at midnight, it was clear that the town had no plans to go to sleep. There were people everywhere, all shops and restaurants were open and roads...

25th Jan 2014
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Exploring Ko Hai and Travelling to Phuket

The cheapest place to dive in the world is probably Southern Thailand. At Ko Hai, a single dive will cost about £50, but if you walk around there are dive...

17th Jan 2014
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Guide to Koh Hai/Koh Ngai Islands

Ko Lanta to Ko Hai / Ko Ngai Travelling from Ko Lanta to Ko Ngai, it becomes apparent that using water as mode of transportation is expensive. It cost 500 Baht...

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