Jersey, UK – La Corbière, Orchids & the Evening Stroll

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If you’ve ever read a mystery novel where a group of kids go out on an adventure that includes a lighthouse, then La Corbière is a must see. It’s surrounded by rocks (for obvious reason to warn ships) with a rough track leading up to the lighthouse in a distant with sea on both sides. The weather was perfect; the sun was out and we had a slight breeze. It was a serene experience; sitting on the bench below the light house, feeling the wind on my face, lost in my own thoughts – with not a worry in the world. [can you see a pattern? – lol :=) ]

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Unfortunately we couldn’t go up to the tower as it was already closed for the season for tourists. Maybe next time, if we ever go back.

Jersey is famous for it’s “Jersey Cream” with Tea, and it’s worth searching for ones that stand out. We went to a place neat La Corbière lighthouse as from the reviews it had a more homely feel – Poplars Tea Room. The cakes, tarts, scones and sandwiches were nice. Hubby made sure he finished the huge portion of cream served along.

The next day, we decided to head over to Eric Young Orchid Foundation after breakfast as my husband is into carnivorous orchids. I fell in love with every single flower and plant there, and was amazed at the diversity that exists, especially with the modified petals to trap insects. Looking closer at the plants I could see the veins, and the varying colors. The artistry really shows, I was pretty speechless.



There was also a Vanilla orchid farm. Once pollinated, the fruit (a seed capsule) if left on the plant, will ripen and approximately 5 to 10 months later will be ready for harvesting.



We then went on to Plemont Bay which is a surfers beach. The entrance is a through narrow stairs starting a few hundred feet high going down. There were a few surfers fully suited in wet suits (as it wasn’t warm). Interestingly there were a few caves too. I had seen the movie called The Orphanage – a very tragic horror story in which the mother imagined seeing her child in the cave, I was scared to go near them – they seemed dark and creepy. Yet surrounded by hills and rocks, it was one of the most peaceful spots at the same time. It started drizzling whilst we were there, however we still managed to have an amazing time. It is one of the ‘must visit’ places. One side is endless water, and opposite is green & reddish brown hills and the surrounding colours are like of a painting!

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Towards the end of the day, we took an evening stroll near the largest and most visible hotel – Radisson Blu, where we stayed during our trip. The surroundings of the hotel is amazing!


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