Jersey, UK – Sunrise, Breakfast and The Lavender Gardens…



Breakfast was enjoyed overlooking the gorgeous waters and yachts via glass windows every morning. It was one of my favourite times of the day, however waking up early morning was hard. We would set alarm 8 am, and hubby would be up fresh; waking me at 6.30 saying he was hungry – lol!


The next stop was Lavendar Gardens. Going during off-peak season means the lavendar has just been planted or harvested. We only saw the evidence of what has happened, but no distinctive purple flowers. DSCN1991 DSCN1997

When we headed  towards the fields, a brood of hens started following us. Surprisingly, they weren’t scared of humans. When we came to a wooden caravan, they seem to get more excited. We saw a feeding bucket there where we could purchase the food for hens.. I’m scared of hens, whereas they were my husband’s favorite pet when he was young. As he started to throw the feed around, the hens were speedy and aggressive. There were some baby chicks towards the edge of the group which my husband made sure got some feed. It was a funny sight, the hens trying to fly up to his hands to get the food before he threw it on the ground and other hens got  to it. DSCN1994

Some of the many uses of lavender oil: lavender oil uses

Whoever I saw, at the hotel and outside always greeted me with a smile and a polite Hello (including the passerbys). I am usually a very friendly person, and love it when people reciprocate in the same manner.

We decided to do some heritage sightseeing; La Houge Bie. We got a personal guided tour (as we were the only tourists) of the island’s history which spanned thousands of years.

According to the Jersey Heritage; “The site features one of Europe’s finest passage graves where you can learn about life in Jersey’s Neolithic community 6,000 years ago. A medieval chapel sits on top of the prehistoric mound and dolmen dominating this tranquil and spiritual site”.

There is also a geological and archaeological museum there, which was pretty interesting. It had coin hoards, axes, spears and swords etc. There was a lovely picnic area there too, but we had gone after lunch so no picnic for us. However it did rain lots when we got there so we couldn’t have had a picnic even if we had prepared.

La Houge Bie

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