How Alexa Rankings Work for Blogs and Improve Them

When I started out blogging, I kept a close eye on my Alexa ranking from the start. I’ve read posts by other people on how they managed to achieve a score under 100,000 in a month, but I think that is unlikely for most people starting as their audience and network is different to most of us.

As a result, the advise is good, but I would read any specific numbers with skepticism or that it may not apply to you. There are a couple of numbers and metric I measure, and Alexa is probably the most interesting one as it gives quicker feedback to reflect, analyse and improve. This also helps in keeping me motivated. My blog went life on 20th July, 2013 and below are my thoughts on how Alexa rankings work for blogs and improve them.

Day Rank Notes
Day 0 None Blog Started. Site claimed on Alexa. Sitemap submitted to search engines and added widget to the footer so it shows up on every page. Installed Alexa toolbar.
Day 8 8510969 Took 8 days to show up. Putting up new post every 2-3 days and getting likes on Facebook.
Day 12 8535375 Commenting on other travel blogs and mentioning my website.
Day 15 8769751 The ranking has been getting worse which is probably because my blog has been re-ranked while others have been are ranking below my old rating.
Day 17 4111053 Alexa reranked and probably realised I've been blogging and getting regular visitors.
Day 18 3486959 GB 74712 GB Ranking is showing after 2.5 weeks.
Day 19 2477659 GB 65477 I've been putting more comments on other peoples blogs and saw Alexa spot only one external link.
Day 20 2310877 GB 59832 Four reviews on Alexa so far.
Day 21 2064090 GB 51784
Day 22 1895631 GB 46510 Two external links on Alexa
Day 23 1544823 GB 35694 Bounce rate is under 30% Pageviews 13 and Time on Site 13 minutes. People that visit seem to read through and look at pictures.
Day 26 1204806 GB 27654
Day 27 1207729 GB 26874 numbers might be stabilising or the site hasn't been re-ranked which seems to happen every few days At the same time other websites may rank below causing my rank number to go up. I expect the rank to be lower tomorrow.
Day 28 1123136 GB 24653 As expected – a drop in rank was coming.
Day 29 1066652 GB 22967 few more sites linking in showing but the sites linking in count stays at 2 this happened before as well. 4 of sites linking in rank under 1mil
Day 30 854652 GB19087 Yipee – under a million now. If this is based on three months average – then I should make it to under 300000 by day 90. Tip: add photos to have lower bounce rate. 3 types of reader – busy read just 1. A few read 1 country specific posts and others read the whole blog. Having the option of pots you may like a botton is best. GB rating seems to be better than many other top blogs esp as 85% of visitors are in UK with daily average of 30 28 of them family friends and people from Facebook
Day 31 797817 GB 17251
Day 32 777213 GB 16531
Day 33 758651 GB 16038 At 9:30pm BST the numbers updated. When I refreshed it reverted back to the old number. Refreshing a few times causes the rank to fluctutate between new and old numbers. I believe not all Alexa servers were in sync and what you see depends on which server serves your request at that moment until all their servers are in sync.
Day 34 734934 GB 15318
Day 36 699847 GB 14607
Day 37 701284 GB 14588 World ranking worse. I suspect I haven't been re-ranked again.
Day 38 702691 GB 16241 GB Ranking is now worse. Still waiting on re-ranking.
Day 39 683139 GB 15259 I've been re-ranked and MOZ Domain Authority is 8 and Page Authority is 20. That took a while.
Day 40 670084 GB 14780
Day 41 640933 GB 13676 a huge drop down in both the numbers. now updates are around 7pm
Day 42 626050 GB 13047 World ranking going down by 15k again. It might be 15k tomorrow. That's increase in 2 days and 30k on day 3 to under 600k
Day 43 606256 GB 12284
Day 45 583853 GB 11494 no update on Day 44. I see updates are at 9:30pm BST about 60% of the time.
Day 46 564874 GB 10861 It's still mostly referral traffic rather than via Search Engines. I post a set of blogs around destination so people click around and look at images if they're not interested in reading. As a result the bounce rate is low and visitors visit multiple pages.

4 Responses to “How Alexa Rankings Work for Blogs and Improve Them

  • Over the past 5 months, I’ve been fascinated by my Alexa ranking. It’s to the point of obsession I’d say where I’m constantly looking for best stats for my site and so forth. Plus whenever one gets into comparisons, that’s where trouble comes in comparing your site with others as far as rankings and views go.

  • I also tried subscribing to your blog in the e-mail field below but it kept saying cannot send e-mail. You may want to look into that.

    • The email issue seems to be sporadic which I’ll try to iron out once I have a break in travel. So far, I’ve seen Facebook and twitter as the best tools to keep updated. I’ve been playing around with the frequency of my post to see how it impacts Alexa, along with visitor counts. I should have some more observations in the future.

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