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Packing light is a must, a small bag under 10kg is probably enough for 4 days for 2 people. We trekked to our next 4* hotel that I had booked on my frequent flyer points. The kind of hotel where I can actually bath and feel clean. We took a leisurely stroll along one of the canal which is refreshing in the morning. However, with a painful boil developing on my toe due to the flat shoes I was wearing it wasn’t fun. I got flip-flops and my feet felt they were in heaven. But for the future – I’m going to buy running shoes.


I don’t believe in buying cheap Chinese souvenirs, but this is one I’m definitely happy I got.

We had a light breakfast at Coffee Company (not a coffee house – which is a nick name for a weed joint) and went to the free Amsterdam walking tour. The guides are young and pro-active, give a more personal touch and don’t feel scripted. Definitely an A+ and a thing to do in order to get orientated with the city.

The tour ended with a small talk on how tolerant the people of Netherlands are – which I agree, but it left out the other side which I’ve heard in the news about Ayaan Hirsi and Geert Wilders. But then again, there is a Dutch saying “storm in een glas water” – there is a storm in the glass of water (fuss over nothing) which is probably true in this case. Dutch people in all my European trips smile (except the ones on killer bikes).

We finished the tour in Jordaan district After which I opted for a water bike (rather than do what every tourist does – a canal boat tour). It was lovely in the nice summer weather. But be ready for some pedaling – and no you don’t get life-jackets.

We had some time left so went to a Magnum shop that was set-up temporarily in which they make the ice cream coating and toppings in front of you.

IMG_20130630_182914 IMG_20130630_184106

Click here to see the video of Ice cream being made.

My husband wanted to do something off the beaten track and in the even in most European countries – there isn’t much of a highlight aside from drinking and dancing. Then the mission to set off finding where we could play 3d Glow Golf. It was highly entertaining, it was dark, with illuminating colours everywhere and 3d glasses as the name suggests!¬†Luckily it was not crowded at all as not many people know about it. It was fun playing under the black light.


The evening was spent walking around Rembrant Square and back to the hotel where we could use Wifi in the lobby.

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