Amsterdam – Southern Tour

Breakfast included in hotel booking is always a blessing – no need to wake up and go for breakfast hunting.

I took a south tour which included:

  • Rotterdam which is a beautiful architectural city.
  • Delft – famour for it’s potteries


  • The sleepy town of Hague.
  • My favorite – Madurodam – mini-Netherlands.

IMG_20130701_155746 IMG_20130701_155833 IMG_20130701_161438


In Rotterdam, we went to The Euromast Tower which is the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. At 100 metres, the tower provides a fantastic panoramic 360° view of the city and much further afield. We went even higher taking the Euroscope, a rotating lift, another 85 metres to the top. The view as well as the ride was breath-taking!

IMG_20130701_113211 IMG_20130701_112644

Being literally sick of doner, we had the best Bagel I’ve ever tasted at “Bagels and Beans” with fresh oozing mozzarella, pine nuts, juicy tomatoes in Delft sitting outdoors in the square. I made sure to confirm that they keep utensils and preparation area for vegetarian stuff separate.

I didn’t do any cheese tours as rennet is a common ingredient. Passing through one of the museums in Amsterdam, I saw a wall plate of Dutch fighters of Morroccan origin with words “we are here to stay” I guess it’s pointed at those who are against multi-culturalism.

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