Backpacking Food Tip: Be Ready to Fly

I’ve done the mistake of going to the airport hungry as I was busy cross-checking my packing list (esp passport, cash and stuff), making sure all extra electric switches were turned off, made sure a dozen times the iron was disconnected, and another dozen times all windows were locked. I even checked a handful of times that I had turned the oven off after making an egg. In all this rush I tend to forget to eat properly. It’s usually a sip from my husband’s tea, or a bite off his sandwich. By the time I get to the airport, I feel like grabbing overpriced latte and sandwich.

Moustache Latte

Mustache Latte

Sometimes I wait until I’m on the plane for service to start (unless it’s a budget airline – which would mean extra-overpriced stuff), and even then it’s just a bit of the mains that I eat as the food naturally tastes bland up in the air.


By the time I land, I tend to get extremely hungry and even ended up paying £7 for a fish fillet meal for a quick fix. All these were expensive decisions.


The best bet is to eat well, finish the airline food if available, and always have packed lunch, snacks and energy bars just in case if there is nothing around.

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