Backpacking Food Tip: Suitcase of Instant Noodles?

I’ve known families travelling with kids that get a suitcase and fill half of it with diapers.

Likewise some travellers seem to be backpacking, but actually have a very large bag half filled with instant noodles.

There is no guarantee how and when you’ll find a kitchen (or made shift boilers) in order to cook the noodles, or even heat anything else.

The best bet is to get non-bulky snacks that don’t require preparations,  get sandwiches for sort terms. If you’re going to be on the road for a while – buy bread locally, and bring canned tuna (or similar). I had to do this when I was in Portgual where the nearest supermarket was 20 minute walk away, and the next nearest one was a 15 minute drive.

Nuts and protein bars also help for a longer term fix.


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