Backpacking Planning Tip: Don’t Always Stay in a Major City

If you’re heading off to a remote place where the airport is far from the city such as in Jordan, or Oman, you don’t have to head off to Amman or Muscat Central straight away as the taxi ride might cost more and might more depending on the itinerary. For example, a taxi ride from Queen Alia International Airport which is 20 miles from the city will cost about 25 JOD (£22.5, $35). But if you’re exploring the country and start out from a small famous town called Madaba (which you’re likely to visit anyway) nearby it’ll cost 14JOD (£12.5, $20). You can explore Madaba on foot, hotels are cheap, and you can get orientated with the customs and culture before moving onto Amman.

I’ve also done a mistake of staying in the major city such as Amsterdam and Brussels, and then making day trips to explore nearby cities, whereas I should’ve actually spent a night in Antwerp or Rotterdam to get the feel of the city and atmosphere.

As a result, I now start off from the nearest city to the airport, and also try out multiple cities in the country.


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