Bangkok – The (not) resting day

We had planned to have a relaxing day – not going far afield, but it turned into a long interesting day.

We left late at around 1pm and headed over to Flow House for Flow boarding. It’s relatively cheaper here (£15) than in UK (£25-30). I first tried to surf on my legs, but after two shaky attempts, I decided surfing on tummy was much easier. I eventually could stand straight on my knees as well. I think this is one of those activities which will keep you fit and young. I hope to make it a hobby some day, but for now, I’ve marked it off my bucket list!

DSC_0291 (Large)

We went to Lumphini Park next and now I realise the reason Thai people are healthier – there were a lot of joggers. Walks trolling around, we saw a huge Monitor Lizard.

DSC_0326 (Large)

The park has a few spots for riding a Swan paddle boat which we did.

DSC_0350 (Large)

And there was another lizard … resting.

DSC_0341 (Large)

Then we went to the Central World shoping center. It was huge and we were already tired of the walk, but we still did some shopping. if you ever go there – be prepared to spend the way and come fully rested!

DSC_0373 (Large)

DSC_0375 (Large)

We crossed the bridge and went to shopping center geared towards “locals” to refill our snackbox and have some sushi.

We had another milk attempt at a scam – a man dress in a Kandura said the Islamic greeting, and asked how we were, and where we were from. He said that he was from Hyderabad (India), and was helping orphans for which he needed cash. My husband said he doesn’t help people like this and walked away. This scam sounds familiar – replace this guy with a person of Singaporean accent – and it’s all over such as  here.



DSC_0392 (Large)

Each time we go to Sukhumvit seems different more more road leading from it. We found another halal place for dinner and had Noodles and Shawarma. Then walking back we realised This is the most Cosmopolitan area of Bangkok – it had all sorts of people from around the world!

My husband bought a coconut, but didn’t like it as it was different from what he is used to – this one left a strange aftertaste. He tried Mangos which were sour and gave up!

Arriving at the hotel, we were again too late for our foot massage. We’ll try it in another place, for now, we’re headed to Pak Chong and see Khao Yai Park.



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