Best place to Relax in Ko Lanta – Sayang Beach

It had been a long journey using various modes of transport to reach our hotel on Sayang Beach.

Each beach area in Ko Lanta has it’s own personality, and I chose Sayang Beach as it was probably the best place to relax. It has fewer hotels/hostel/resorts. These are spread out in the area which meant there were fewer people and more space to swim, walk, and observe the beach and enjoy.

Arriving at the Sayang beach resort, I sipped into the cool pineapple juice we were offered as welcome drinks while my husband checked in.The beach-front resort had kept the resort clean by not allowing shoes or slippers into the restaurant, reception or the rooms. You get individual beautifully kept cabins with a bathroom and a balcony. My wish for a 4-poster bed was fulfilled here! They had a tap to wash the feet before going into the rooms. It is good practice as I wouldn’t want to sleep with sand in my bed.

DSC_0767 (Large) DSC_0761 (Large)

We had a quick lunch with a delicious Thai Mango shake.

DSC_0781 (Large)

20131208_151143 (Large)



Walking around the area I noticed people leave shoes outside houses and shops (staff especially) everywhere. I loved this about Thailand as not only does it keep the place clean, it’s also hygienic as you never know what you’ve stepped over.

My husband was mostly in his shorts and t-shirt from this time on. He went for a swim and came back to our cabin as it got cooler. We enjoyed hot tea on the balcony before going for a long walk along the beach. I took off my shoes and spotted a couple of crabs and frogs that ran away as we came closer.

DSC_0786 (Large)

DSC_0790 (Large)

The view from the beach is not completely dark as I could see a few lights on the horizon and some just behind it. The few places around the beach including our hotel had lovely dim lighting.

On our return trip we saw a few hotels which had fish on display to grill or BBQ as well as our hotel. I wanted a sea bass but the ones available were large enough to feed 4 people. So I ordered something from the menu while my husband had the largest king prawn I had ever seen along with a few shrimps. They cut open the prawn and shrimps from the back and remove the black digestive tract, wrap it up in aluminum foil with some sauces/marination resulting in the moist and juicy meat. It’s very easy to overcook, but on Ko Lanta it seems the art has been perfected.

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