How to buy a Goat (or a Sheep, Cow, Cattle, Camel)

A lot of visitors have made a pit stop at camel, goat, and similar animal markets in Muslim countries. With Eid-ul-Adha, I managed to tag along with my brother to visit on such market in Lahore, Pakistan for a purchase. Here is my guide to buy a goat, sheep or a camel.

Goat Market Lahore

1. Walk around the market and see an animal that looks healthy, not bloated, and somewhat attentive when you “gently” smack or push it’s back to make it stand up.

2. If it’s a larger animal like a cow, cattle or a camel ask what it might weight – and allow an adjustment of -25%.

3. Make the animal walk a few steps to see if it can actually stand, or if has been injected with steroids.

4. Ask the Price. Then act surprised and ask him the actual price. Do this two or three times and resist any attempts to give your price.

5. Say that you want a buying price.

6. Try to bond with the person and say it’s for sacrifice, “muslims give fair/just price”, and any other thing you can think of.

7. Then state a price even lower and meet in the middle.

This should knock about 25% off the price. Then tell them you’re going to get the money. At this time the seller knows that you’re interested and are almost a committed buyer. Don’t put any deposit as you’re at greater risk of losing it – it’ll be better if someone else buys the animal rather than lose a deposit. I managed to get a large healthy goat!

20131012_110941 (Large) Healthy Goat

Get the money as quickly as possible and pay just slightly less, and after he counts just keep on telling him to take the money you’ve given. This is a safer option than paying the full amount and the seller raising the price to see if you’re desperate. On the other hand, you will get away with paying slight less as it’s hard to hand large amounts of money back for most sellers.

Negotiate a transport and you’re done. This is likely to be an off the beaten path experience for a adventurer and probably more interesting than roaming around the animal market!

Be careful of animal droppings!

Small Goat

If any any point you are pursue by a free cattle, set aside and run away! I thought I had the confidence to take a cattle to the transport I had arrange, but it managed to free itself from me and then case after me with everyone around having a laugh.

There were thousands of eagles all over Lahore. I saw some snatch up food and pieces of meat that were left in the open after the sacrifice.


Eagles flying over Lahore

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