18th Oct 2014

Out & About; Muscat

We drove past this mini pigeon hang-out near our hotel many times; Beaches The beach area near US Embassy and Grand Hyatt is inaccessible unless you are a guest at the...

26th Jan 2014

Escape from Patong

Arriving in Patong at midnight, it was clear that the town had no plans to go to sleep. There were people everywhere, all shops and restaurants were open and roads...

25th Jan 2014

Exploring Ko Hai and Travelling to Phuket

The cheapest place to dive in the world is probably Southern Thailand. At Ko Hai, a single dive will cost about £50, but if you walk around there are dive...

18th Aug 2013

Flying into Jersey

Jersey seemed like an interesting place to visit. Most tourist places are closed in winter (Mid-Oct to Mid-May) and peak season is July – August. I decided that if I...

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