Exmoor National Park: Eat, Travel and Stargaze

Stargazing under good condition is a rare phenomena. It is a magical feeling to looking at the clear night sky. Absorbing the vast beauty of our galaxy spread right in front of us is an overwhelming experience. Since pollution in the world increases every day, it has become harder and harder to find spots that allow us to take part in stargazing.

Why Travel to Exmoor National Park?
In 2011, Exmoor National Park was declared Europe’s very first International Dark Sky Reserve. My Europe trip was confirmed when the International Dark Sky Association confirmed declared this.

Exmoor is one of the few places in England where you can see the dark sky clearly. UK travel is incomplete without a visit to this Park. Peope all over the world during their Europe travel visit Exmoor National Park. They not only participate in stargazing activities but also admire the beautiful landscapes of this place.

It is a remarkable place with high cliffs, deep valleys and clears streams that seem to have jumped right out of the page of a fairytale. My plan started by preparing for the stargazing part of the trip. I got all the equipment that you need to stargaze and prepared myself well enough to have an enjoyable experience.

The Food Experience

The only real problem I encountered was when I could find no restaurants or vendors that sold halal food. Being a Muslim, this is a common issue with everyone who travels to a new place. The only way I could find halal food was to either get the vegetarian options on the menu or go with a sandwich from the local Tesco. If only more restaurants that sold halal items, I would have had no hurdles in my travel at all.

The Living Experience

The hotel I stayed in was a stunning country house named Dunkery Beacon. This hotel was cosy and comfortable. The had the finest amenities available to its customers. The hotel stay was nice and helped me relax from the tiring days I would go out to sight-see. The hotel staff was kind and accommodating. All in all, the hotel stay was a remarkable one, and I would recommend staying there. Apart from the pleasant experience, the location is superb. It is at the edge of the dark sky zone which means great hotel rooms with an awe striking view.

I even managed to explore a bit outside the Park like going to the Webber’s Post which was just a five-minute drive away from the hotel. The hill was quiet and dark. It was peaceful but also lonely. It could get a little eerie at night, though, but there was beauty in that as well. The whole place was breathtaking including the Exmoor National Park that it could inspire anyone to write poetry.
The travel experience at the Exmoor National Park was something that seems indescribable to me. It was an experience that brought me closer to God after seeing the beauty of his creations. I tried to capture the memorable experience in pictures but do not think they do it justice as it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
The feeling I got seeing some of the moon movement on the mounted telescope is something has no explanation. If you ever go for a Europe travel do go to Exmoor National Park. Star gazing in the open is something I believe should be on everyone’s vacation list!


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