Exploring Khao Yai National Park

Exploring Khao Yai National Park (Part 2):

This is the first time I had to get up at 7am, forcing myself to overcome the jetlag, sit on back of a pick up truck and ride for 30 minutes in the freezing winds to start our trip inside Khao Yai National Park to our first scenic point.

DSC_0473 (Large)

We then went to a tourist center which tells the history of the park. Some older signs seem to have used word-for-word translation software.

DSC_0486 (Large)

Nearby we spotted Sinbar Deers that have gotten used to humans around.

DSC_0489 (Large)

The long stretches of road were beautiful.DSC_0637 (Large)


Most of the time, it would be impossible for a tourist to spot any animals, however, with a tour guide, he was able to see things which we still couldn’t staring the same direction – the spotting scope was useful in that case. Here is a Hornbill

DSC_0505 (Large)

The forest is has a lot of fungi everywhere

DSC_0522 (Large)

DSC_0567 (Large)

DSC_0568 (Large)

I even held a scorpion on my shoulder:

DSC_0538 (Large)

After a few hours of walking in the forest, breaks are nice. We had coconut rice-sugar-egg “thing” that locals have.

DSC_0558 (Large)

There are a lot very old and and long trees – many in pairs, some overtake and kill the main tree like this one:

DSC_0546 (Large)

DSC_0559 (Large)

Perhaps the most beautiful of the whole trip was when the trek finished and we walked through wild grass to reach the watchtower and have lunch while enjoying the scenery.

DSC_0571 (Large)

DSC_0581 (Large)

DSC_0582 (Large)

Nearby was a sign in which I couldn’t decipher half the signs.

DSC_0592 (Large)

We then went to the waterfalls

DSC_0605 (Large)

DSC_0628 (Large)


And eventually managed to spot an elephant eating minerals in the mixture of sand and salt the rangers had given.

DSC_0647 (Large)

Here is a video we made via the spotting scope:


Tours are always interesting. We met a Dutch couple whom we left with for our onward journey to Kanchanaburi via Bangkok, where we were staying at the same hotel as well. My wife also met another Dutch backpacker who asked her about her travel, and if she had any “trouble” traveling from her family.


If I were to do this trip again I would:

  1. Bring my own binoculars with image stabilizer.
  2. Try night spotting with a ranger.
  3. Buy a high zoom lens.



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