Exploring Ko Hai and Travelling to Phuket

The cheapest place to dive in the world is probably Southern Thailand. At Ko Hai, a single dive will cost about £50, but if you walk around there are dive centres that are much cheaper. But it’s worth making sure they still have their PADI dive centre license.

I went to Ko Churak (the big rock directly in front of the island. It is a good snorkelling spot, however, they don’t see the true beauty you’d see by doing a proper dive. The coral is rich and diverse, a lot of beautiful fishes with deep blue, green fins roam the water as well as attractive (but poisonous) snails. I was glad there were no jelly fishes. After 10 years, I used my license for the second time to dive.

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We tried to make a circle by walking around the coast of the Island, but decided it was impossible without good quality shoes, and a low tide was a must.

My wife thought the women on the Island had tanned clear beautiful skin like a real-life Pocahontas.

Our favourite moments on the island were taking long walks along the beach and exploring the shells, tiny sand coloured crabs and the washed away sea life along the shore, and of course enjoying the local food – all halal!

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Ko Hai / Ko Lanta to Phuket (Patong)

There is only one way to get out of Ko Hai – by boat.

1. Take a scheduled ferry at 10am to Ko Lanta and another service to Phuket, followed by a taxi to Patong.


2. Use a fast boat service like Tigerline (you’ll use the time saved to actually wait for the boat to arrive – nothing runs on time in Thailand). You’ll pay 50 Baht per person for the longboat service to transfer to the Tigerline. They’ll handle your luggage (and maybe even small children over water to get to the long boat, and transferring from the long boat to the ferry. Advanced booking is required and buying from their website is 10% cheaper (1350 Baht instead of 1575). You’ll catch the  ferry at 2pm, officially change to another Tigerline boat in Ko Lanta to go to Phuket via Ko Phi Phi. It’s worth buying transfer to the hotel from Tigerline beforehand as it works out cheaper if you’re single or a couple.

Asking, “When will the boat arrive?”

You can only expect the same answer, “one moment, please.”

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Everyone that visits Southern Thailand has a favourite Island. Mine was Ko Bubu followed by Ko Ngai. My wife fell in love with Ko Lanta. What’s yours?

 ko lanta (Large) ko lanta1 (Large)

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