Hajj Packing List

Hajj packing is the most important aspect of planning as it could make a difference of spending time going to buy items you’ve left behind and need, or utilising time.

Some items might be provided during the pre-hajj seminar, so it’s best to wait until that to purchase & pack. Also, keep Mina items and other valuables in hand luggage in case your bag goes missing. If your forget something, Bin Dawood shopping center should have it!


  • Meningitis Vaccination Certificate
  • Learn some phrases in Arabic.
  • Passport with 6+ months validity (renewed if necessary – you may need to submit the old passport for visa if your new one has been valid for less than 2 years), Visas, Marriage certificate.
  • Passport photocopy & 4 passport size photos.
  • Arrangement for return transport or parking for the airport.
  • Hajj seminar arranged by your travel agent.
  • Tell debit/credit cards you (make sure it’s no fx or loading fee) are taking with you that you’re travelling.
  • Estimated £/$ & backup cash based on your guide (distributed among family members and parts of body).
  • Enough money in banks for utilities an other financial commitments.
  • Flight & hotel dates & times.
  • Set lights, alarms, lamps, & camera (and get your IP address).
  • Take photos of all your luggage, and note the size, colour & brand if it gets lost.
  • Give house keys to a trusted person & contact info to the neighbours if necessary.
  • Phone number of your guide(s)
  • Insurance document if any
  • Electric plug converter
  • Something to count tawaf on, or tasbih.
  • Combination lock (unless you want to carry another key).

For the Trip:

  • Preventative medication to be taken on first symptoms – Immodium, Paracetamol, antacid
  • Prescription(diabetes, cholestrol), Multivitamin (B*, D, Iron, Vitamin C, etc…),
  • Band-aid, blister protection & antiseptic like Dettol.
  • Neck pouch.
  • Abaya & cloths.
  • Hat to protect from the sun (or you can wrap a shirt).
  • FFP3 face mask (for dust, smog) & avoid touching  your face without washing hands. Also don’t go near camels (MERS) or people that seem sick.
  • Perfume free andtibacterial hand gel & tissue.
  • Concealable Hajj/Money Belt for Men, Cross-body purse for women- holds money, dua books, medication, passport copy.
  • Comfy Open back, closed front shoe, socks (which men can’t wear during ihram), and blister bandage. I avoid flip flops as someone can step on my feet with hard boots & moisturiser/oil.
  • Drawstring bag to carry slippers & small items – don’t separate yourself from it, otherwise you might not find it again.
  • Spare glasses, contact lens & storage solution, sunglasses
  • Scissor for coming out of ihram.


  • Mobile (of course)
  • Charger
  • Portable Charger
  • Headphones
  • Clear out distractions and make space for photos.
  • Apps (Quran, Dua, Compass, Athan Notify – azaan, islamic calendar, prayer times & Glympse to locate family members).


  • Travel Pillow
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pyjama
  • Plastic slippers for bath
  • Bath towel
  • Surfers waterproof bag (for showering)
  • Perfume-free toiletries – Shampoo, toothpaste/bursh, comb, bodywash, soap, flushable wipes, face wash
  • Sets of cloths and disposable undergarments.
  • Disposable gloves for toilet (and storing pebbles).


  • Quran (unless it’s an app).
  • Dua book (to memorise)
  • Mini-Hajj book.


  • Powered meal replacement like Soylent for a few days in case food queues are long and you don’t want to eat heavy, clean up, etc…
  • Snacks – protein bar & chocolate when stuck away from food, or suffering fatigue and low blood-sugar.

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