Best Price Match / Guarantee Review: It’s a Fail!

When I reserve hotels, I spread my bookings over multiple websites, including buying direct, buying a voucher, prepaid bookings, and pay on arrival. In places where I’m staying more than one night, I occasionally check if I’m getting the best price or not, which is one of the main reasons I went with on some occasions as this is their pillar!

I booked my hotel in Amman, Jordan, and found a cheaper rate after a few days. I notified, and was told to send a screenshot after I complete my stay with a receipt of payment, and I should get the difference refunded – no fuss!

From the hotel lobby, I sent the email just after checking out that I had sent the screenshot earlier and was sending the receipt now. They still wanted me to send the screenshot of the lower price again.

I sent them that, after an exchange, they realised that they needed my credit card number. After that they said that the refund will be posted in 30 days

After two weeks, I contacted them to make sure the refund was posted, but was told that they had lost my credit card details. What a dumb thing to do – companies should be careful with sensitive personal information!

I arranged a call again (as I was abroad) and gave my credit card details.

After 3 weeks I contacted them again, and they said that they had contacted the Accounts Department and will let me know – I kept on getting the same reply for a few more weeks – the accounts department had gone quiet.

I eventually got a $15 credit voucher for the inconvenience I had to experience with the wait, but still have to wait for a response from the Accounts department. I wonder if this delayed response or hesitation in getting the Accounts department on the line is something to do with the company culture.

For each reply I got that they will get back to me, they send an email to the accounts department and forget about it completely until I send a follow-up email a week later.

So far, they’ve got no response from the accounts department and have given up in replying to my emails.

It’s as if no one really cares even though on the website they made it sound so simple and straightforward until they drop the bomb – it may take up to 30 days to show up on the credit card without actually mentioning how long it’ll take them to process it, followed by Customer Service blaming it on the Accounts Department not responding. As a customer, I should not be concerned about the internal structure of the company. should not offer Best Price Guarantee / Best price match if they’re unable to honour it!

Update: I finally got the refund after another week.


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