Jersey; The Last Day

We thought that as we had a car, we’d do a full counter-clockwise circle around the coast. We went to the eastern cost and walked on La Rocque. There was a long wooden footpath going quiet far away from the Island where I saw some people saying prayers before spreading someone’s ashes. On the way back we had “Jersey ice cream”.

eastern coast


la rocque


Next stop was North. My husband, as with any trip wanted to trek. We negotiated on the smaller walk I could find – near Bonne Nuit Harbor. The views from the North of the island are amazing. There are huge green cliffs with lots of plants and steep descent into the deep blue waters. The south side is mostly flat.

north of jersey

jersey north

The walk was nice – I encountered a few benches spotted throughout the walk/trek where I could just sit and soak the sun for hours while looking at the harbour, surrounding hills, and the endless water in front. The benches as with many other places had a sign “In memory of ….”. I thought the dedication was a nice memory, but to my husband, it reminded of death. Each time I sat on one, he ask me, “Are you waiting for death arrival?”, “Death is a little delayed, but don’t worry, it’ll arrive shortly.” I felt accomplished after the walk and took a few victory photos at the end.

bon nuit cafe jersey

We went to eat vegetarian pad thai noodles and confirmed that the sauce they used had no alcohol.  They were delicious and fresh which was probably exaggerated by the fact that we were tired due to the walk. We sat in their balcony and enjoyed the serene waves and wind with the food.

jersey bon nuit

vegetarian pad thai

The hotel we stayed in is situated at the edge of St Aubins Bay, so we had lovely evening strolls there. It also hosts a pier and a marina with lots of yachts. The surroundings were as lovely in the evening, as were during the day. That was also the view we had during breakfast in the morning, so peaceful and serene.

St Aubins Pier

marina jersey


The final day was for relaxation. Today, walking towards my breakfast table at the hotel, it seemed like a lot of elderly people were around, perhaps reliving their memories of the past. I felt I probably stood out as different (due to dressing) and comparatively younger. I could see myself in one of those chairs a few decades down the the road reminiscing of the time when I came to Jersey.

The north of the island is at a height than the the south which is easily accessible by the sea (which is why boats coming to the island have to circle around to the south and go South to St. Heliers Bay. We went to St. Elizabeths castle on a car-boat but only saw part of it as we had a flight to catch.


My husband marched like the British used to do and took part in the canon firing. It took some time and several attempts, also the entertainer wanted to entertain rather than fire the canon and be done in 5 seconds, I have uploaded the last firing part of the 45+ minutes happenings.

british march

canon firing in jersey

We drove past St. Brelades bay for the last time. It was beautiful to have the sea on one side, and land on the other.

st brelades jersey

My husband turned towards the airport slightly inland. Just as he was about to go into the parking, I took his steering wheel and turned it towards the drop off area – slightly dangerous, but it also meant I could spend 30 minutes more in Jersey which is a lot better than being bored at the airport and spending money on overpriced food, and uncomfortable chairs. I wanted to get lost within the peace and serenity of the Island. The nearest spot I could think of was La Corbière, I sat on the bench while soaking the summer sun near the beautiful lighthouse and the endless sea beyond. (It did get cloudy for a bit as can be seen in the photo below, but that is Europe weather, one min sunny, the next moment all cloudy and rainy!)

La Corbiere Jersey

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