Jersey, UK – Durrell Wildlife Park and Bucket Loads of Rain

As the rain had stopped, we decided to head to Durrell Wildlife Park. It stood out from the other zoos as it had  a large Bats section and my favourite – Pink Flamingos.


pink flamingos

They have some of the rarest and endangered species in the zoo, including birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The park is in over 30 acres of land. The whole surrounding is amazing with extensive flowers, fruiting trees, and native habitat areas. Some of the birds we saw include Song Thrush, House Sparrow, Swallows, Barn Owls, Asian Fairy Blue Bird and Kestrels. Some Animals we saw included Gorillas, Black Howler Monkeys, Rainbow Boa, Corn & Milk Snakes, different kinds of Tortoises, Turtles, Lizards, Skinks, Utila Iguana, Jamaican Boa and many many more; as it hosts up to about 130 different species.




durrell zoo


You have the option of camping onsite for those wanting the experience. We had only a couple of hours to spend there, and we made the most of it and tried to go into every single trail at Durrell Wildlife Park before heading to the next destination.


We visited the War tunnels which is a museum that tells the story of how Jersey coped under German occupation during World War Two which lasted about 5 years. It was surprising to learn that Jersey was of “no strategic value”, and was taken over without a single shot. We saw a few Egyptians in Jersey, and while visiting the War Tunnels museum, my husband got talking to one. He said he was married to a Jerseyan. I didn’t realise there were Muslim Jerseyans as well! I noticed a few people with scarves on the Island after that.


It felt that all the world’s rain-clouds had gathered on top of Jersey that day.

heavy rain


The winds, and heavy rains made everything seem chaotic. The umbrella my husband held up was enough to keep our face dry. We got a pizza in the evening, standing by the coast overlooking St. Elizabeths castle with rain and waves  pounding the large circular concretes steps protecting the harbour was a unique experience. With all the noise and chaos surrounding me, I felt snug and warm with fresh pizza and my husband. We didn’t eat much of the pizza but stood there in the cold wet weather with sea winds gushing, admiring the changing colours of the sea and the clouds. The coastline was hard to distinguish from the sky as everything was getting grey and dark.


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