Jibreen Castle

Having missed out on Bahla Fort and to make up for it, we decided to head for Jibreen Castle, located in Jibrin town in Welayat Bahla. It is set in a beautiful surrounding with mountains and palm trees surrounding the castle and holds well preserved history marking Jibreens place in the history books.

0421_DSC_0534_2 (Large)

0423_DSC_0536_1 (Large)

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The castle has 3 floors with 55 rooms including; many reception halls, a court room, library, guest rooms, women and men jails, women’s suites, Mosque, Quran school, and other facilities making it functional for a small town. The architecture is beautiful and historic. The wooden balconies, the beautiful windowed courtyards and inscribed Arabic calligraphy arches are its distinct features amongst many other.  It was built in the late 17th century.

0431_DSC_0544_1 (Large)

0436_DSC_0549_2 (Large)

0437_DSC_0550_2 (Large)

0447_DSC_0560_2 (Large)

Wall Carvings:

0434_DSC_0547_1 (Large)

A beautiful roof of one of the rooms, they sure had taste:

0428_DSC_0541_1 (Large)

I wonder what is written here:

0448_DSC_0561_2 (Large)

Like other castles, this one also had tricks of defence:

0430_DSC_0543_1 (Large)

An interesting room, I wonder why they needed this for:

0438_DSC_0551_2 (Large)

The beautiful courtyard:

0444_DSC_0557_2 (Large)

0446_DSC_0559_2 (Large)

Some other lovely pics:

0425_DSC_0538_1 (Large)

0427_DSC_0540_1 (Large)

0440_DSC_0553_2 (Large)

0443_DSC_0556_2 (Large)

0455_DSC_0568_3 (Large)

0456_DSC_0569_3 (Large)

We found a Turkish place close to our hotel and found my favourite food – Chicken Mandi before going back to the hotel and calling it a day due to the extreme heat.

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