Jordan – The Real Off the Beaten Track

I’ve been planning for a few months to take off and see a few countries, however, planning is not always as easy for some.

The current one I’m researching is Jordan – there’s heaps of information on Petra, Aqaba, Desert camps, and other regular touristy areas. However, there are places – such as Graves; thought to be of various prophets, Sleepers cave, and other less familiar places which are hard to pinpoint. Google Maps does not have Jordan in as much detail.

Now, planning is taking even longer in trying to get Geographic coordinates of places to feed into my navigation device. Once I’ve got a plan sorted, I’ll put up the locations in case future travelers have trouble finding them as well.

The only few reasons I can think of from a Muslim’s perspective are:

  1. Some people get involved in Grave worship, and they want to avoid that as it’s not Islamic.
  2. Some of these sites are purported to be the real thing, but that does not mean it’s 100% accepted or guaranteed to be the places (in some  places, people do this for tourism money such as Jesus in Kashmir – it’s extremely unlikely that he went on to live and die in Kashmir).
  3. Mass tourism could destroy the religious site, so it’s preserved to those who know and make extra effort to find and get there (or pay local tour agencies for organised trips).

But this is also the case of other sites – some Wadi’s don’t exist in Google Map, Dina village is unknown, Dina hotel is located incorrectly – and the facebook website of Dina hotel has GPS coordinates in a strange format. All this means a lot more planning and research.

I’ve asked around in forums, and searched a few more less known websites and found GPS coordinates, then located them or places nearby for various places I’m visiting in my sat nav (I’m not planning to pay £15 a day on rented sat nav from car hire companies).

This are some I got for now:

Sleepers Cave coordinates are : N 31 53.929 E 035 58.407

Prophet Shuayb (Jethro) coordinates : N 31 57.632 E 035 42.997

Prophet Joshua coordinates : N 32 04.278 E 035 42.539 ( not sure if correct when looking at satellite images).

I think I need a break from the long trip I’m planning soon.

Are there any off the beaten track and hidden jewels in Jordan you’ve discovered?

3 Responses to “Jordan – The Real Off the Beaten Track

  • The coordinates will be useful for all the other less known locations. Jordan trip sounds amazing, I would love to visit one day and find some hidden jewels.

    • Aisha – I will update once I have more. Yes I’m really excited to visit!!!

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