KraSae Bridge and Bridge of River Kwai Festival

I needed to make a decision on the type of activity to do.

Tiger Temple photos brochures seem to have visitors taking photos with drugged tigers, and after reading a report of a volunteer, I didn’t feel it as something a tourist concerned with the well being of an animal should do.

Having seen waterfalls, and done long treks in Khao Yai, Erawan waterfalls did not appeal.

Hellfire pass was closed for a week due to Kings birthday on Dec 5, and the week of celebration on the Bridge of River Kwai – which is something I planned for in the evening.

Tham Kra Sae Bridge en route to Hellfire pass seemed to have good reviews, so we decided for that!

DSC_0664 (Large)

The schedule train arrived 40 minutes late and arrived at the destination 80 minutes late. Walking around the wooden Wampo viaduct, and visiting the cave (and temple) next to it, it got boring after 20 minutes.

DSC_0733 (Large)

DSC_0734 (Large)

DSC_0707 (Large)

DSC_0708 (Large)

DSC_0665 (Large)

DSC_0704 (Large)


This is probably the ideal place to lean out of the train doors and asking a friend to take a photo through a window. I chickened out.

DSC_0691 (Large)

The return train was delayed by more than 90 minutes which was very frustrating! A Thai girl studying management at a university in Bangkok wanted to test her English which kept me entertained for a while. A friend of hers made a video of us talking.

Once the train pulled into Kanchanaburi, I felt relieved that such a long boring trip had ended!

In the evening we headed over to The Bridge of the River Kwai Festival where they did live reenactment of Japanese takeover of Thailand. They made clear that there were ranks within the Japanese that were trying to help Thai people and prisoners.

Even thought The Hellfire Pass museum was closed, this show more than made up for it. I could feel the Japanese arriving, the battle and the struggle. The urgency was in the air.

Fireworks and the special effects were amazing. They even had missiles (probably made from fireworks) that were fired at the Bridge on River Kwai.

20131206_195017 (Large)

20131206_202508 (Large)

Afterwards, we walked around the market stalls and found two halal shops – Shawarma, and a traditional Thai cart with chicken, chicken legs, hot dogs, etc…

No visit to Thailand is complete without a shot of the insect cart.

20131206_211458 (Large)

On the way back to the hotel, we noticed lots of stray dogs, as well as defensive guard dogs inside the houses that barked then you get near. It was annoying as some of the owners hadn’t shut the door. We have a mini chase a few times!

We also noticed that people sometimes leave their shoes outside the shops for cleanliness and respect.

20131205_185449 (Large)


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