Leaving Parents Home

I was looking forward to meeting my parents in Pakistan when I left for the adventure from my home in London.

The few weeks I’ve spent have gone quickly. We packed our bags, and stood them by the beautifully handcrafted wooden entrance door I had been rushing in and out of all these years.

I went to my room to have one last look wondering when I’ll visit again, who’ll be around, will this still be my parents house when I return next? For that lingering moment I had one last look at room, it still looked the same the day I had decorated it for my wedding.

325_DSC_0325 (Large)

With a sigh, I touched the cold buttons to turn the lights off and make my way to the airport in the darkness of the night.

I’m going to the sunrise from the plane on my way to Bangkok!


335_DSC_0335 (Large)



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