Mosques of Oman and Ibadi Prayer


As a Muslim backpacker, I make it a point to pray in a major mosque in some of the cities we visit. I knew that they belong to the Ibadi sect, but didn’t know that the actions in the prayers were slightly different from rest of the region.

The first mosque I went to was Sur Mosque for Friday noon prayers – Zuhr.

0203_DSC_0312_2 (Large)

I noticed a few people did not fold their hands which I wasn’t sure of the reason. In fact, a lot of them did not. The people folding hands were mostly workers from South Asia and only a few Omanis. When it came to finishing the prayers the saying of peace was only said once rather than twice. While starting Sunnah prayers, I also noticed that they did not do Rafajdan (raising hands upto the ears or shoulders) at the start of prayers. Despite the differences they are tolerant people and I did not feel uncomfortable even for a second.

A lot of mosque around Oman are named after the king – “Sultan Qaboos Mosque”, but the grandest and the most stunning of them all was in Muscat.

0541_DSC_0656_3 (Small)

Looking closely, the minaret were distinctively different from many other parts of the middle East.

0931_[000449] (Large)

0555_DSC_0670_3 (Large)

0919_[000437] (Large)

0921_[000439] (Large)

While leaving, I couldn’t help but take a low exposure photo to bring out the design of the dome.

0563_DSC_0678_3 (Large)

The women side is nice, but not as grand as the mens side

0551_DSC_0666_3 (Large)

Mens side:


20130923_192736 (Large)

20130923_193130 (Large)


As soon as I entered the mosque, I felt peace and comfort with the hint of aroma and cool natural breeze that was flowing through the hall. It felt as I was being drawn to further inside.

The Mutrah Souq area has a sizable Shia population and the dome of this mosque reminded me of the mosques in Iran. The reflection at night on the water made it even more beautiful.

0948_[000466] (Large)

There are a few small mosques around the Sultan Qaboos Palace, and this one was probably the most striking.

 0657_DSC_0778_2 (Large)

1048_[000568] (Large)

Not surprisingly, the mosque in the Airport is still used as a sleeping room as it was 10 years ago (in 2003):       20130925_151548 (Large)


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  • Oman is the real peaceful Islam, Oman is the greatest Country, Tradition and Science go hand-in-hand.

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