Out & About; Muscat

We drove past this mini pigeon hang-out near our hotel many times;

20130924_095217 (Medium)


The beach area near US Embassy and Grand Hyatt is inaccessible unless you are a guest at the hotel. However if you drive to the end of some of the road in Al Qurum area, there is a place to leave you car and head out for deserted beach for a swim, or in the evening for a lovely walk. The drive to the beach and the surroundings consists of amazingly white villas, houses and embassies; soothing and fresh feeling in the scorching heat. We also saw a bowling area and some lovely small Mosques/Masjids as well as some shopping plazas whilst driving, however due to time shortage we couldn’t visit any of these.

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0972_[000491] (Medium)

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A beautiful house i fell in love with right there and then – wow;

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When we arrived, the contrast of the colors was picturesque. The grass green, sky blue, golden sand stood out, and it was just heavenly!

0975_[000494] (Medium)

0981_[000500] (Medium)

Hubby went in for a quick swim whilst I took pictures and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings;

0985_[000504] (Medium)

We wanted a more lively beach area so we drove ahead towards Starbucks and parked got off opposite Japengo Cafe, a quick lunch there would have been awesome but it hadn’t been opened yet even though the construction seemed completed.

1007_[000527] (Medium)

There still weren’t many people around, no wonder as it was noon time! The road leading is adorned with lovely side lamps.

1019_[000539] (Medium)

We could see Crown Plaza hotel’s private breach where they had a couple of people sun bathing and some seats, however the area open to public has no seats – so its either in water or sit on the rocks & boiling sand under the sun or the mini umbrella open huts sort – would’ve been better in the evening  I guess with less sweat trickling down. However it was still very pretty none the less, lovely sound of waves and lots of fishes in the water. Even though the road is right next to beach – the traffic noise was hardly noticeable.

1010_[000530] (Medium)

1013_[000533] (Medium)

1018_[000538] (Medium)

Around the hotel, all we had was fast food i.e. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza hut, Papa Gino’s etc which we did not fancy at that time. There is a souk nearby so we decided to head there before we got back to the hotel. I highly advise to stay indoors at noon as there isn’t much to do with most things closed and not fun in the heat, another good idea would be indoor shopping malls to take advantage if running short of time.

We went in a restaurant called Bait Al maha, however the food they actually offered was way less than what the menu offered; mainly just burgers, and there were strong sheesha fumes and smell in there.  So we left to try our luck in another restaurant, as I really wanted an Arabic rice dish called Mandi. However hubby didn’t fancy walking too much so we headed into the next place we saw which was an old Turkish restaurant and a coffee shop, next to an Indian restaurant. Hubsy being a hard-core shawerma lover ordered a large chicken one and a fresh cocktail which had pulp mango, strawberries, guava with ice cream and pistachios on top – a full meal right there, whilst I ordered a sort of lebaneh pizza i guess?

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IMG_20130924_140609_1 (Medium)

Muscat City Centre – In the afternoon we decided to visit the city centre to buy some presents for the family.

0905_[000423] (Medium)

0906_[000424] (Medium)

Fancy a fish?

0908_[000426] (Medium)

Another gorgeous Masjid we saw whilst driving – i really wanted to visit it but the construction was still going on;

0902_[000420] (Medium)






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