Muscat Adventure Starts

Deciding where to stay in Muscat, especially if you’re going to be exploring the city is a challenge. Previously, we had stayed overnight in Western area to springboard on our circular adventure to Sur and back via Nizwa. So we decided to stay in East this time, especially because the route to the airport will unlikely have any traffic jams. We’ve had close calls in Dubai arriving within 45 mins of flight time due to fog, accidents, and congestion (as well as arriving in incorrect terminal and getting lost in trying to make our way to the correct one), and getting the departure time wrong in Beirut by almost two hours – so we wanted to avoid this kind of adventure!

Whilst driving to Muscat:






Muscat gets very hot in the afternoon, and that is a perfect time to take a break back at your hotel and turn the A/C to full. It feels great to escape the sun. Due to this we decided to check into the hotel first, freshen up and eat something. Upon getting there at 2 pm, we were basically told to come back at 6 pm. The reason they gave was that the person who was in the room before us had changed his flight time and needed to stay in the hotel. I was not having it! We were tired, hot, needed the toilet, and frankly furious at being told that so we declined and said we would like to check in there and then. Then started the whole drama of trying to sort our the rooms etc, we were told to wait in the lobby for half an hour (which extended to 1.5 hours) and only given a glass of water – and no apologies at the end! It was a good 4* hotel too!

Another drama was when we finally managed to get in to the room. The AC had started leaking which the cleaners did not notice in the previous hour whilst they cleaned the room, and by the time i noticed – the pillow, sheet and mattress under it had drenched in water. So started another chase to get someone to have a look at the problem and change the sheets etc.

Despite the start, We were ready to explore Muscat, and what better place to start than Baskin Robins!

0517_DSC_0632_2 (2)

Hubby getting ready to tackle the heat with some milkshake!

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