Bungee Jump Experience in London at O2

Recently, I did a Bungee jump near London’s iconic O2 (more formally The Millennium Dome).

I tried searching on “What to expect when Bungee Jumping”, but got only the general stuff like weight, weather conditions, etc… Nothing much about detailed personal experiences.

I had a light breakfast in the morning and arrived early for the jump. There were a few guys ahead of me that went. All of them were quiet, relaxed, and diving as though they were going down a kids slide. No mad screaming. I thought it might be the same for me.

As soon as I crossed the barriers and into the box which the crane lifts to go up, I felt like I had stepped into another world. I don’t know why I had booked the jump. Am I really going to just walk out of the box at 160 ft and let the cord I’m attached to save me? What’s the worse that could happen – splatter all over the concrete pavement because I wasn’t going straight down and miss the air cushion. Not a pretty sight.

I had done a 15,000 ft skydive from the safety of the fuselage, attached to a Pro-skydiver who did most of the work. This was a mere 160 ft but much worse, no one is attached to you and you can look down and see yourself fall on your own.

As the crane lifted us up, I could feel the winds getting stronger. The uneasiness had spread to my legs.  Once at the top, I used both hands to lift myself up as I was given instructions on how to jump – walk off, or be pushed! It reminded me of Peter Pan being pushed off the plank.

I tried to talk to the instructors in order to stall by asking random questions about the weather, other high jumps, how they got started, etc… They said if I’m scared, I could fold my hands around my shoulders, and they could push on the count of three if it’d help. Nope, it didn’t. I asked for a few more minutes.

Then I decided to let them do the countdown and once they reached 1, I could ask for a few more minutes. He started, 3… push

I’ll let you experience what happens after.

Bungee jump O2 Arena

Bungee jump O2 Arena

Bungee jump O2 Arena

I was dizzy with the screaming. I felt blood had drained from my head and body.

My wife came up to me and said that as I was the only jumper that had screamed, I got a round of applause which no one else did. She also saw my face had turned yellow and eyes bloodshot. I must have been really scared. I should’ve let go and jumped myself. But as a first-timer, I couldn’t gather the courage for a free fall. I was not in control and was relying on the cord. All returned to normal an hour later.

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