Packing List

I find (light) packing a laborious process as I continuously think if I’ve forgotten something important. So I’ve come up with a checklist:



  1. Passport (renewed if necessary), Visas
  2. Get prescriptions filled / buy medication (Multi-Vitamin supplement B*, D, Iron, & others, cholesterol, diabetes, diarrhea, pain killers, antacid etc)
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Embassy numbers and location
  5. Marriage certificate (some do require for co-habiting couples)
  6. Tell debit/credit card companies that you’re travelling
  7. Spend all gift cards and vouchers
  8. Pay Gas, Electric, Mortgage, Internet, Cable, Phone, Mobile phone, Water, Council tax bills
  9. International license
  10. Budget airlines in the regions travelling as not all are listed on comparison sites


Packing List:

  1. Camera, charger, batteries, and other parts of the kit
  2. Smart-phone, headphones, charger, car charger, spare charging wire, non-smart-phone with long battery life which takes large SIM Card
  3. Car/Travel insurance if buying one
  4. Cash/Cards/Backup Cash
  5. Decent offline maps & addresses, and rough itinerary or guide book
  6. Insurance documents (car, backpacking travel including natural event)
  7. Language guide
  8. Airplane pillow
  9. Passport sized photo and photocopies of passport
  10. Login devices into VPN, brokerage account, secure storage, etc…
  11. Electric socket converters/plug
  12. Torch (caves and countries with electricity outages)
  13. Laptop to update the blog 🙂
  14. Toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, face wash, moisturizer, hair brush) & make up
  15. Sun screen, hat
  16. Swimming trunks, goggles & flip flops
  17. Sunglasses, contact lens, glasses, eye drops
  18. Kindle, Quran, and other reading stuff
  19. His & Her walking shoes
  20. Food for budget airlines
  21. Give house keys to a trusted person


2 Responses to “Packing List

  • Wow. Very brief, particular and light packing list.
    I always having trouble with all the stuff that i should bring along for my trip.
    Thanks for list out all of this.
    This can be my reference for my next trip (*˘︶˘*)

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