17th Jan 2014

Guide to Koh Hai/Koh Ngai Islands

Ko Lanta to Ko Hai / Ko Ngai Travelling from Ko Lanta to Ko Ngai, it becomes apparent that using water as mode of transportation is expensive. It cost 500 Baht...

15th Jan 2014

Recovering from Jetlag Quickly

I regularly move across regions which means that I have to cope with time differences of 4-10 hours quickly. It gets even worse when a transit of a few hours...

01st Jan 2014
Express Tribune Logo

The Express Tribune: I entered Jerusalem as a Pakistani

I’ve been published in The Express Tribune about my experiences visiting Jerusalem. Click on the following link to read the article: I entered Jerusalem as a Pakistani.

20th Dec 2013

Talabeng Cave and Ko Bubu Island

My wife wanted to relax in Ko Lanta at Sayang Beach, so I decided to have an adventure of my own. Unfortunately, the Scuba diving sessions were fully booked. The...

19th Dec 2013

Best place to Relax in Ko Lanta – Sayang Beach

It had been a long journey using various modes of transport to reach our hotel on Sayang Beach. Each beach area in Ko Lanta has it’s own personality, and I...

10th Dec 2013

Kanchanaburi to Ko Lanta via Bangkok

An interesting hello kitty number plate we saw in Kanchanaburi; Kanchanaburi to Ko Lanta is not a straightforward journey, especially as we already had enough experiences with minivans and buses...

08th Dec 2013

KraSae Bridge and Bridge of River Kwai Festival

I needed to make a decision on the type of activity to do. Tiger Temple photos brochures seem to have visitors taking photos with drugged tigers, and after reading a...

07th Dec 2013

Kanchanaburi during King’s Birthday Celebrations

Pak Chong to Kanchanaburi / Bangkok to Kanchanaburi: I asked a few different Thai people in Pak Chong about the best route to Kanchanaburi, and always got the same answer...

06th Dec 2013

Exploring Khao Yai National Park

Exploring Khao Yai National Park (Part 2): This is the first time I had to get up at 7am, forcing myself to overcome the jetlag, sit on back of a...

05th Dec 2013

Exploring Pak Chong / Khao Yai National Park

Getting from Bangkok to Pak Chong / Khao Yai National Park: In order to see Khao Yai without staying in the park itself, I planned my stay in Pak Chong.In...

04th Dec 2013

Bangkok – The (not) resting day

We had planned to have a relaxing day – not going far afield, but it turned into a long interesting day. We left late at around 1pm and headed over...

03rd Dec 2013

Bangkok Snake Farm, Grand Palace and Sukhumvit at Night

We had planned to leave early, but the effects of the jetlag had surfaced. Waking up at 7am, every part of my body was screaming – “We won’t let you...

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