01st Dec 2013
Bangkok at Night

Arriving into Bangkok

Taking a red eye flight on planes with stiff seats is not a fun experience. We had blankets, but that only meant we slept in a groggy zombie like state...

30th Nov 2013
Grand Chairs

Leaving Parents Home

I was looking forward to meeting my parents in Pakistan when I left for the adventure from my home in London. The few weeks I’ve spent have gone quickly. We...

29th Nov 2013
Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Muscat

Mosques of Oman and Ibadi Prayer

  As a Muslim backpacker, I make it a point to pray in a major mosque in some of the cities we visit. I knew that they belong to the...

28th Nov 2013
Jordan Covered Sign Small

Driving in Jordan Experience Guide

I’ve driven in over a dozen countries, and Jordan is not difficult at all. It does not have careless tuk-tuks or motorcycles which make driving a car a killing machine...

27th Nov 2013
Hotels.com Logo

Hotels.com Best Price Match / Guarantee Review: It’s a Fail!

When I reserve hotels, I spread my bookings over multiple websites, including buying direct, buying a voucher, prepaid bookings, and pay on arrival. In places where I’m staying more than...

26th Nov 2013
Dome of the Rock at Night

How to find Palestinian hotels in Jerusalem

I regularly receive emails asking my recommendation on where to stay in Jerusalem. A few months ago when I was planning my trip to Jerusalem, I thought I’d contribute to...

17th Nov 2013
Gulberg House

Things to do while bored in Lahore

I made a plan that during my adventure across Middle East, South and East Asia, I’d spend some time staying with my parents. Initially, it’s great meeting old friends, family...

01st Nov 2013
Healthy Goat

How to buy a Goat (or a Sheep, Cow, Cattle, Camel)

A lot of visitors have made a pit stop at camel, goat, and similar animal markets in Muslim countries. With Eid-ul-Adha, I managed to tag along with my brother to...

15th Oct 2013
Windows 8 Recovery Screen

Recovering Photos from a Crashed Hard Disk

I recently felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and stolen a part of my life. I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop which was light and had...

02nd Oct 2013

Thoughts on Palestine (فلسطين‎)

This trip was originally to visit Jerusalem but an opportunity availed, and we took the opportunity to visit Palestine (West Bank), but only the touristic/religious sites which would raise less...

25th Sep 2013

Jerusalem’s “ATM” Rip-off

We were arranging for a tour of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, and needed cash. In the old city and surrounding areas, no matter how hard we looked, the only...

22nd Sep 2013

Friday in Jerusalem

There were only a dozen people left in the waiting area – either to get a visa or go for the final “special” interview. My husband walked to the other...

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