17th Sep 2013
Barren sandy mountains, Jordan

Jordan to Jerusalem via King Hussein Bridge

I wasn’t sure how our entry for Jerusalem through border controls would turn out. As it was our first time – I was prepared to expect the worse – refused...

12th Sep 2013

Backpacking Planning Tip: Don’t Always Stay in a Major City

If you’re heading off to a remote place where the airport is far from the city such as in Jordan, or Oman, you don’t have to head off to Amman...

04th Sep 2013
Alexa Logo

How Alexa Rankings Work for Blogs and Improve Them

When I started out blogging, I kept a close eye on my Alexa ranking from the start. I’ve read posts by other people on how they managed to achieve a...

01st Sep 2013

Bungee Jump Experience in London at O2

Recently, I did a Bungee jump near London’s iconic O2 (more formally The Millennium Dome). I tried searching on “What to expect when Bungee Jumping”, but got only the general...

31st Aug 2013
rental car

How to Survive Driving a Rental Car in Lebanon

Most travellers I’ve talked to say that I’m crazy to be driving in Lebanon. There is no lane discipline, honking is like adding your tune to an orchestra, and the...

30th Aug 2013

Jersey; The Last Day

We thought that as we had a car, we’d do a full counter-clockwise circle around the coast. We went to the eastern cost and walked on La Rocque. There was...

28th Aug 2013
pink flamingos

Jersey, UK – Durrell Wildlife Park and Bucket Loads of Rain

As the rain had stopped, we decided to head to Durrell Wildlife Park. It stood out from the other zoos as it had  a large Bats section and my favourite –...

25th Aug 2013
lavender truck

Jersey, UK – Sunrise, Breakfast and The Lavender Gardens…

Sunrise; Breakfast was enjoyed overlooking the gorgeous waters and yachts via glass windows every morning. It was one of my favourite times of the day, however waking up early morning...

22nd Aug 2013

Jersey, UK – The Carnivorous Orchids

I love nature, I love greenery, I love colours! All these add to the beauty of our surroundings. “The earth laughs in flowers.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson As mentioned in the...

22nd Aug 2013

Jersey, UK – La Corbière, Orchids & the Evening Stroll

If you’ve ever read a mystery novel where a group of kids go out on an adventure that includes a lighthouse, then La Corbière is a must see. It’s surrounded...

19th Aug 2013

VIDEO: Magnum store in Amsterdam

As we had missed the pop-up Magnum shop in UK, we luckily had the chance to visit it in Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam. We visited the store in in morning and afternoon,...

18th Aug 2013

Flying into Jersey

Jersey seemed like an interesting place to visit. Most tourist places are closed in winter (Mid-Oct to Mid-May) and peak season is July – August. I decided that if I...

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