Recovering Photos from a Crashed Hard Disk

I recently felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and stolen a part of my life.

I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop which was light and had a decent battery life for me to blog. I also transferred all my photos some of which were from 1999 when Sony released one of the early digital cameras that took in floppy disks. Just before travelling, I made a backup onto my desktop PC and on an external drive. During travel – all my photos will either be in the SD Card or the new laptop.

However, with no backups, this also meant it is the weakest link and as things go, the likely failure point. Yesteryday, my laptop for no apparent reason crashed. Windows 8 on loading detected errors, fixed them, and in turn the fixing caused the laptop to be unbootable, and blew up my files including 50 GB of photos. The useless recovery screen it the Blue Screen of Death now.

Windows 8 Recovery Screen

I ran recovery programs on both, my SD Card in the camera as well as the Laptop and managed to get 50% of the photos I did not have a backup of the photos of Jerusalem, Jordan and Oman. The recovery only worked for the more recent photos from the SD Card. The only other photos I had were from my mobile phone as it is synced with  my Google+ account.

Unfortunately, this means that a small but the most significant chunk of my life is missing. This reminds me of a Richard in the book I read in The Beach who did not take photos as he felt that he would have to try to keep on taking photos of everything rather than truly enjoy and live the moment.

I can only move on and blog and catalog what I have managed to pull together. As a safety, I’ve bought a 500GB external drive that I’ll keep with my for travel to backup my photos.


3 Responses to “Recovering Photos from a Crashed Hard Disk

  • It is good utility to recover photos from crashed hard drive. I have seen one utility – Remo Recover on internet and it can also rescue photos from crashed HDD.

    • Thanks for the info. I used Recuva when I had to do which created almost 500MB (some duplication) for each 100 MB I was trying to recover. If my backups ever fail, I’ll give Remo Recover a go!

  • It is quite a frustrating moment when you put all their efforts for some project on your computer and then it is all lost.

    Well, hard disk recovery tool can come to your aid. Nowadays, most data recovery software are designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate, therefore most users should not have much problems with it.

    When it comes to files that have been deleted by mistake or even deliberately they can still be retrieved. You just need to know the procedures to do it.

    I read your whole post and found it really helpful…

    I someone loses photo’s from hard drive.. Nothing can be worse than that….

    I genuinely thank you for sharing this informative post with us.

    Good Post!!

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