Saving Money at Sentosa and Night Safari Attractions in Singapore

When visiting Singapore you’ll run into a lot of agents and hotels that will sell tickets for a small discount off the retail price that you’ll get at the ticket counter. However, not all the tickets are worth buying.

The very first thing you’ll have to do is to keep focused. Their main focus is to try to sell as many tickets as possible to you, so will suggest an itinerary which is impossible to do unless you skip most of the things at an attraction. I was told that I could be done with Universal Studios in two hours, after which I should do SEA Life aquarium and a few more attractions. They’ll try to sell the tickets on which they can make the most money out of. The best way is to stick with what you think is feasible and within your times lines.

Getting into Sentosa

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Getting to Sentosa could easily add up depending on the number of people in your party. Once you reach Harbourfront MRT there are three options:

1. $1: Take the Travescalator. Once you ride most of the way to Sentosa, $1 entry fee has to be paid.

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2. $4: Take the Sentosa Express. It is worth keeping in mind that if you use the $1 option above, you’re free to take the train within the Island as well as to exit it

3. $26: Take the cable car return. This is a recurring trend in Sentosa. Some of the individually priced tickets are so expensive compared to the packages, it’s practically uneconomical to buy them otherwise. It’s best to use cable car if you’re buying Sentosa Play pass for $70 as it is included in that for 1 way.

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Sentosa Attractions

Many agents sell Universal tickets at $68, and occasionally you can find tickets as low as $63 on their website. Universal will take a full day and if you can find the $10 food vouchers cheaper they are worth it as a meal will set you back by about $15! Snacks are also very expensive. Agent sometimes sell food vouchers at $5 when buying it with the Universal ticket. Universal will take a full day, so it’s best to arrive early.

There are a lot of attractions spread out across, other than Universal Studios at a slightly further away part in the island. They cost a lot individually, but are very cheap if bought as part of a Sentosa Play pass package. So rides like Cable car, Luge, Segway, Trapeze are best bought as a package. It will take a full day to do these activities so arrive early. There are some paid for activities that invite a good discount with the Play pass such as iFly (indoor sky diving) – but it’s best to reserve a spot early for something after 7pm when the play pass expires.

You’ll probably have noticed people going on the Zipwire. On the third day, we headed over to MegaZip park to buy another package. The Megazip itself will cost $38, but is much cheaper with other activities in a package. They’ll take about three hours to complete, so it’s a half day well spent!

There are other attractions such as SEA Life, Dophin Island, etc… but if you’re here for only a few days, it’s nice to explore other parts of Singapore as well such as Sky Park, Merlion, Gardens by the Bay (cheapers tickets for this at the agent), and areas such as Little India, and Chinatown.

Night Safari

Taking a taxi from Lavender and southern areas will cost about $25 one way, and ticket agent will try to sell tickets which include transport. However, it’s much cheaper and very convenient to use Singapore Attractions Express bus. Not many people seem to keep much information about it. The bus stops At Little India MRT, Farrer Park MRT, and near other major hotels and stations down south. The bus schedule details all stops and times. The ticket could be bought beforehand from an agent (or the bus+attraction ticket could be bought on the bus, but if you buy the bus ticket only and the ticket from an agent, you’ll save 2-3$).



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