Sultan Qaboos Mosque & Last Relaxing Day in Muscat

It’s been a while since I blogged. In the mean time, if you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, we’ve been active with various trips to Europe mainland, Morocco, Qatar and the beautiful Maldives. However to this day, Oman still has a special place in our hearts. Off the beaten track, ideallic and relaxing place to visit, and we felt depressed when leaving. Imagine driving a rented car, going to all the tourist places, and finding parking spaces easily :), there is no need to squeeze into dangerous corners to articulate how to parallel park a car that you don’t own.

During the day, I reminisced about the past few days of the places in Oman we’ve been to. The local food, the rugged mountains and the silky smooth desert sand, and even using an ATM without paying extra local transaction charges. The price of petrol is comparable to water.

During the last day my husband went for a swim while I experienced the refreshing sea breeze.


After which we decided to go to the main mosque for sunset.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is truly a remarkable mosque we visited in the evening – very captivating. The exterior and interior, especially men area is very grand. As you enter, there is a light breeze with a mild perfume that makes you relax and draws you in. The beautiful lattice on the dome and the minar incorporates Omani architecture effectively. The inscription on the walls, beautiful grand wooden doors, expansive white marbled courtyards, the whole feeling is just out of the world.


In the evening we decided to drive around and went to see Al Jalali Fort and Al Mirani Fort as well as play with our camera’s exposure to get various shots of the Al Alam Royal Palace and a mosque nearby.

We got to Mutra Souq near closing time and every shop we went to, we asked for non tourist prices and got a few scarves at quarter the price of UK. A stroll at the corniche Near Mutra souq was nice to see the lights being reflected off the sea.

However, this shot sums up about how we felt about leaving Muscat the next day.


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