Lebanon – Sidon, Driving along Sunny Mediterranean Sea

While traveling, knowing that the second flight is not the flight back home is extremely satisfying. From Athens, I flew over the tiny, and very visible island of Cyprus to Beirut.

Arriving during daylight is another plus as it gives some time to orientate yourself to the culture, and surroundings rather than just finding the hotel and falling on the bed. The drive from Beirut to Sidon was amazing. I had mountains to my left and the sunny sea reflecting from the right. It was one of those moments where you feel everything is in perfect harmony.

Sidon is a small peaceful town with the crusaders castle built on the sea as it’s key attraction. We could see the castle from our hotel room, and an ancient mosque (men’s only) which my husband went to (after a few days of praying in hotel rooms) was right next door to our hotel.

DSCN0930 DSCN0722

 This is one of the many favourite pics of mine of my hubby in the castle;


We took a boat tour, had dinner by the sea and fresh juice right below the hotel. While walking around, the southern part seemed rough and poor where children were scavenging rubbish for anything that might have cash value.

A boy came up to my husband and as his shoes were muddy from Athens he had them cleaned due to his insistence. We paid the boy 5000 pounds, and interestingly, another boy came and asked for 5000 pounds for no reason. They were eventually “shooed” away by the owner.

DSCN0734 DSCN0744

The hotel was built of stone which seemed similar to the crusader castle. The hotel lift might even have been from that era as well – keep all pets, kids away from the lift walls and if you’re claustrophobic- imagine you’re in a moving coffin. I’d probably stay at this hotel again if I would visit lebanon again (I don’t believe in repeating trips unless you’re writing your memoirs before dying).



3 Responses to “Lebanon – Sidon, Driving along Sunny Mediterranean Sea

  • the hotel and view looks excellent!

  • great work!! Amazing place to be .. I’d love to see more pictures. Would certainly be more helpful for a lazy person like me to do homework on places to visit 🙂

  • wonderful stone hotel.View is lovely. I added Lebanon in my list one time in my life.
    Thanks for beautiful pictures and taking time to write these lines.

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