12th Sep 2013

Backpacking Planning Tip: Don’t Always Stay in a Major City

If you’re heading off to a remote place where the airport is far from the city such as in Jordan, or Oman, you don’t have to head off to Amman...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Surviving the Red Light District & Good Bye

Going back home is always a very sad time for me. I set out from the hotel towards the Central station in order to head for the airport. However, rather...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Southern Tour

Breakfast included in hotel booking is always a blessing – no need to wake up and go for breakfast hunting. I took a south tour which included: Rotterdam which is...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Central

Packing light is a must, a small bag under 10kg is probably enough for 4 days for 2 people. We trekked to our next 4* hotel that I had booked...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – The Northern Tour

I find organised coach tours an interesting mix of pros and cons. You can’t get lost and if you’re late in returning to the coach, you’ll not go unnoticed because...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – The Mice Problem

As a Muslim, Amsterdam is probably not the first city that comes to mind for a break. The wildly popular “coffee houses” and the women knocking on windows isn’t exactly...

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