22nd Aug 2013

Jersey, UK – La Corbière, Orchids & the Evening Stroll

If you’ve ever read a mystery novel where a group of kids go out on an adventure that includes a lighthouse, then La Corbière is a must see. It’s surrounded...

14th Aug 2013
Quick fix food

Backpacking Food Tip: Suitcase of Instant Noodles?

I’ve known families travelling with kids that get a suitcase and fill half of it with diapers. Likewise some travellers seem to be backpacking, but actually have a very large...

11th Aug 2013
In Flight Drink

Backpacking Food Tip: Be Ready to Fly

I’ve done the mistake of going to the airport hungry as I was busy cross-checking my packing list (esp passport, cash and stuff), making sure all extra electric switches were...

27th Jul 2013

Athens – Almost robbed, Avenue of pleasure

Greece was the country I was looking for. Different script meaning signs were harder to read, different people and culture from the UK. I wanted a culture shock! However, this...

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