01st Oct 2014

Muscat Adventure Starts

Deciding where to stay in Muscat, especially if you’re going to be exploring the city is a challenge. Previously, we had stayed overnight in Western area to springboard on our...

22nd May 2014

Sur Mosque, Wadi Bani Khalid and how to Explore Wahibia sands

We had breakfast at another South Indian restaurant called Sur Beach Restaurant which was lovely. It’s ways nice to have a private “family room” whenever I dine at these restaurants. We ordered...

26th Jan 2014

Escape from Patong

Arriving in Patong at midnight, it was clear that the town had no plans to go to sleep. There were people everywhere, all shops and restaurants were open and roads...

25th Jan 2014

Exploring Ko Hai and Travelling to Phuket

The cheapest place to dive in the world is probably Southern Thailand. At Ko Hai, a single dive will cost about £50, but if you walk around there are dive...

17th Jan 2014

Guide to Koh Hai/Koh Ngai Islands

Ko Lanta to Ko Hai / Ko Ngai Travelling from Ko Lanta to Ko Ngai, it becomes apparent that using water as mode of transportation is expensive. It cost 500 Baht...

07th Dec 2013

Kanchanaburi during King’s Birthday Celebrations

Pak Chong to Kanchanaburi / Bangkok to Kanchanaburi: I asked a few different Thai people in Pak Chong about the best route to Kanchanaburi, and always got the same answer...

01st Dec 2013
Bangkok at Night

Arriving into Bangkok

Taking a red eye flight on planes with stiff seats is not a fun experience. We had blankets, but that only meant we slept in a groggy zombie like state...

30th Aug 2013

Jersey; The Last Day

We thought that as we had a car, we’d do a full counter-clockwise circle around the coast. We went to the eastern cost and walked on La Rocque. There was...

28th Aug 2013
pink flamingos

Jersey, UK – Durrell Wildlife Park and Bucket Loads of Rain

As the rain had stopped, we decided to head to Durrell Wildlife Park. It stood out from the other zoos as it had  a large Bats section and my favourite –...

18th Aug 2013

Flying into Jersey

Jersey seemed like an interesting place to visit. Most tourist places are closed in winter (Mid-Oct to Mid-May) and peak season is July – August. I decided that if I...

16th Aug 2013
Eating where prices are lower

Backpacking Food Tip: Eating Where Prices are Lower

I was opposite the Blue Mosque in Istanbul wondering where to go to eat as it was approaching 11 pm. All the places nearby seemed to have similar menu –...

11th Aug 2013
In Flight Drink

Backpacking Food Tip: Be Ready to Fly

I’ve done the mistake of going to the airport hungry as I was busy cross-checking my packing list (esp passport, cash and stuff), making sure all extra electric switches were...

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