01st Jan 2014
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The Express Tribune: I entered Jerusalem as a Pakistani

I’ve been published in The Express Tribune about my experiences visiting Jerusalem. Click on the following link to read the article: I entered Jerusalem as a Pakistani.

26th Nov 2013
Dome of the Rock at Night

How to find Palestinian hotels in Jerusalem

I regularly receive emails asking my recommendation on where to stay in Jerusalem. A few months ago when I was planning my trip to Jerusalem, I thought I’d contribute to...

25th Sep 2013

Jerusalem’s “ATM” Rip-off

We were arranging for a tour of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, and needed cash. In the old city and surrounding areas, no matter how hard we looked, the only...

22nd Sep 2013

Friday in Jerusalem

There were only a dozen people left in the waiting area – either to get a visa or go for the final “special” interview. My husband walked to the other...

17th Sep 2013
Barren sandy mountains, Jordan

Jordan to Jerusalem via King Hussein Bridge

I wasn’t sure how our entry for Jerusalem through border controls would turn out. As it was our first time – I was prepared to expect the worse – refused...

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