22nd Dec 2016

Sultan Qaboos Mosque & Last Relaxing Day in Muscat

It’s been a while since I blogged. In the mean time, if you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, we’ve been active with various trips to Europe mainland, Morocco,...

18th Oct 2014

Out & About; Muscat

We drove past this mini pigeon hang-out near our hotel many times; Beaches The beach area near US Embassy and Grand Hyatt is inaccessible unless you are a guest at the...

01st Oct 2014

Muscat Adventure Starts

Deciding where to stay in Muscat, especially if you’re going to be exploring the city is a challenge. Previously, we had stayed overnight in Western area to springboard on our...

19th May 2014

Muscat International Airport Checklist

Budget Options for flying around the Middle East are limited, especially if you’re going to places that are not well on the tourist track. The flight from Amman (Jordan) to...

12th Sep 2013

Backpacking Planning Tip: Don’t Always Stay in a Major City

If you’re heading off to a remote place where the airport is far from the city such as in Jordan, or Oman, you don’t have to head off to Amman...

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