14th Aug 2013
Quick fix food

Backpacking Food Tip: Suitcase of Instant Noodles?

I’ve known families travelling with kids that get a suitcase and fill half of it with diapers. Likewise some travellers seem to be backpacking, but actually have a very large...

11th Aug 2013
In Flight Drink

Backpacking Food Tip: Be Ready to Fly

I’ve done the mistake of going to the airport hungry as I was busy cross-checking my packing list (esp passport, cash and stuff), making sure all extra electric switches were...

08th Aug 2013

Jordan – The Real Off the Beaten Track

I’ve been planning for a few months to take off and see a few countries, however, planning is not always as easy for some. The current one I’m researching is...

02nd Aug 2013

Visiting historic Delphi

With the limited number of days in Athens I needed to decide between a day trip to Delphi or Mycenae. Asking around on travels forums, if a decision had to...

30th Jul 2013

Athens – Greek Islands; Poros, Hydra, Egina

We had booked a trip to the three islands. We would’ve made our own way to do justice, but booked it as a short organised day tour to see what...

27th Jul 2013

Athens – Almost robbed, Avenue of pleasure

Greece was the country I was looking for. Different script meaning signs were harder to read, different people and culture from the UK. I wanted a culture shock! However, this...

24th Jul 2013

Lebanon – South, Tyre, and Lebanese Drivers

Going to places that are not on Google and other offline maps is always interesting. I put in the Geographic coordinates in my GPS and set off to the areas...

22nd Jul 2013

Lebanon – Sidon, Driving along Sunny Mediterranean Sea

While traveling, knowing that the second flight is not the flight back home is extremely satisfying. From Athens, I flew over the tiny, and very visible island of Cyprus to...

22nd Jul 2013

Lebanon – Still standing

Lebanon is one of those countries where you’d have to seek a window of opportunity to visit. It’s been ravaged by wars with Israel, interference by Syria and internal divides...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Surviving the Red Light District & Good Bye

Going back home is always a very sad time for me. I set out from the hotel towards the Central station in order to head for the airport. However, rather...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Southern Tour

Breakfast included in hotel booking is always a blessing – no need to wake up and go for breakfast hunting. I took a south tour which included: Rotterdam which is...

20th Jul 2013

Amsterdam – Central

Packing light is a must, a small bag under 10kg is probably enough for 4 days for 2 people. We trekked to our next 4* hotel that I had booked...

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