Talabeng Cave and Ko Bubu Island

My wife wanted to relax in Ko Lanta at Sayang Beach, so I decided to have an adventure of my own.

Unfortunately, the Scuba diving sessions were fully booked. The only other option that seemed appealing was to go Kayaking as I’ve never done it before.

The driver picked me up early in the morning. Sitting in the open back truck it seemed that he was driving the car in the 90s game Out Run and we’d have three attempts at crashing. Arriving safely at the mangroves, the longboats looked spectacular. As the driver headed towards a small rocky area at Ko Talabeng, he had miscalculated the low tides and we hit the ground a few kilometers from any of the islands nearby. He said it’ll be 30 minutes, but I got off the boat along with another trip buddy to push it through. I jumped off the boat and realised that It wasn’t beach sand, but rather swamp mud that I had buried myself knee deep. After a 10-minute struggle, we managed to free the boat from the surrounding ground..

20131209_093324 (Large)

From the rocky area, I started to Kayak with one of the longboat drivers. Pedaling is easy, but sitting straight is hard as I’m not used to sitting on the floor. I changed to kneeling position which made things a lot easier. We reached our first checkpoint and I went for a swim in silty green water. After that we headed towards the first highlight – Talabeng Cave. The view from the inside looking out was breathtaking.

20131209_112223 (Large)

20131209_112530 (Large)

We then took the longboat to Ko Bubu.  With it’s trees at the edge of the beach, clear water, and the penetrating sun, it seemed like a completely different world. We got (halal) chicken rice, pineapples and papaya for lunch. After that I went for a swim.
20131209_115821 (Large)

20131209_115832 (Large)

I noticed crabs had dug holes around here:

20131209_132221 (Large)

On the return trip, we saw monkeys that swam onto our longboat to grab fruits we had prepared for them. It was a funny sight seeing our boat quickly overrun by moneys within a few seconds.


20131209_142324 (Large)

It was a fun day doing a trip on my own and to have my own taste of the islands of Andaman sea.


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