Things to do while bored in Lahore

I made a plan that during my adventure across Middle East, South and East Asia, I’d spend some time staying with my parents. Initially, it’s great meeting old friends, family and going to places where I used to go, and maybe rekindle old memories. After a few weeks this turns into boredom. I realize that charging my smartphone to 100% is a challenge with the electricity outrages. Going out gets frustrating with rush hours lasting most of the day. I came up with a few things to do while bored in Lahore:

1. Take photos the house, inside, outside, during the day and night of the house you grew up in.

Gulberg house, Lahore

A house in Gulberg, Lahore

2. Spot International space station (with -3.0 magnitude you should be able to see it with high degree of light pollution) and any drones, small crafts, and bats. If the ISS is not making a pass, try to spot any satellites.

3. Go to a quiet place near the airport to see airplanes take off and land at sunset. The runway lights turn on is also beautiful.

4. Buy some chickens and Hypnotise them – it actually works!

5. Go on top of tall buildings during the day and night. Landmark and buildings own by sons and relatives of politicians and have high security, so you might not be “blocked”.

View from top of Ali Towers, Lahore

View from top of Ali Towers, Lahore

6. Try out top restaurants, or relive old memories.

Cafe Aylanto Dessert

Cafe Aylanto Dessert

7. Find a clean and safe body of water to swim in – this is probably not such a safe thing to do in Lahore.

8. Imagine yourself as a spy, follow people, but don’t become a stalker!

9. Follow money vans safely – do not make it obvious.

10. Follow open meat being transported on back on dirty vans to see which restaurants use them.

11. Visit a village taking photos of kids and houses. If you zoom into the image below, you’ll see him covered with flies. Everywhere he walked, the flies formed a sphere around him that settled back when he stopped. It’s like having a sphere that gaming characters have giving them protection or special powers.

Village Boy Covered with Flies

Village Boy Covered with Flies


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