Trip Tips


1. Keep your valuable in front and close

2. A person helping you may be trying to steal something from you (it happened) – don’t take help and plan

3. Plan even more & research reviews. You don’t want to be sleeping on a pillow with someone else’s dried blood.

4. Pack light to avoid taking help and easily move around places.

5. If you run away from dogs, they will follow you. Just stay put and they will go away.

6. Walk confidently, face up and aware of your surroundings. Do not stare at the floor in front of you, lost in thought while walking.

7. Have a plan B for a rainy/windy day (hot air ballooning, cable cars, Segway rides can get cancelled).

8. Have plan B for being robbed, and running out of cash or losing your mobile/laptop.

9. Back up any important electronic data.

10. Mosques usually have halal shops near by – do food research beforehand.


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